Bienvenido a Retrievers Queijeiro

About Me

I started with Labradors when I was 12 years old. My dad brought me to his friend's house to pick out a black bitch as a gift. At that time there were almost no Labradors in Mexico and I didn't have a clue how to pick one, so when I saw the litter there was one black girl that had the top of her tail white. Of course that is the one I picked! As time passed we moved to a new neighborhood and one day while I was walking my dogs I met a very nice lady from Germany that had Labradors she had imported. We became really good friends and when she bred her female we bought one. That is how I started with the Labradors with pedigree. Her name was Beltsa.

I finally wanted to import one Labrador to Mexico. At that time of course there was no email or internet, and the only way you could try to find breeders from the USA was to buy a magazine called Dog World. The magazine had ads in which you could write the breeders a letter and send it by mail and hope for good luck. I was very fortunate because some of them answered me. I bought some dogs from Snowden Hills. At the time the number one Labrador in the USA was Snowden Hill's Blackmail and I got a daughter out of him.

I eventually learned that most of the dogs I liked went back to Ch Receiver of Cranspire. He was a beautiful yellow dog and was leased from England by Kendall Herr of Dickendall Labradors. So in 1993, we decided to go to Westminster. It was an amazing trip and the beginning of one of my best friendships in the Labrador world with Kendall Herr. We were watching the breed and I could not believe what I was watching. Dickendall Arnold and Graemors Tim were two amazing dogs in the ring. When breed was over we went to talk with Kendall and she was very nice to us. We talked with her and June Sasaky and I was so excited to meet them. I showed some pictures of my dogs to Kendall and I just could not believe the quality of her dogs. I asked her if she would sell me a puppy and she told me to keep in touch and we will see what comes up. I started calling Kendall once a month to try to get something from her. About a year and a half later I received a letter in the mail with a picture of a one year old yellow female. The letter was very short. She had written: I have this bitch available. Let me know. Of course I called her right away and said yes I want her. At that time Kendall was moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, so I asked her if she could find a hotel for me near her place. Instead she told me I could stay with her and that she would pick me up from the airport. She asked me to bring photos of my place because she wanted to know a little more about me. So I did just that. Her kennel was just built there and I was able to get to know all of her wonderful dogs including Ruffy, Arnold, Drifter, Blitz, and Preston just to name a few. I was shocked with the quality. I was so happy when she showed me the yellow bitch named Fredy I was getting. She was out of Dickendall Expose and Wingmaster Just Another Fella. She was stunning!

This was the start of a wonderful friendship with Kendall and like I always say she is my mom in the Labrador world. I will always be thankful for everything she has helped me with and getting me to where I am today. I have been able to have dogs from different kennels and have made a lot of friends during the years. I have different bloodlines that I have combined with my own and have had excellent results. Some of the bloodlines that have worked great for me:

Buckstone Labradors
Davaron Labradors
Empress Labradors
Tabatha Labradors
Paradocs Labradors
Hyspire Labradors
Kimleigh Labradors
Lobuff Labradors
Annuals Labradors
Bella Mare Labradors

I would like to thank all of them because at one point they trusted me with their bloodlines and the combination of all of them has become what Queijeiro Labradors is today!!

Please email with any questions.